Thursday, April 7, 2011

Are They Promoting Gang Rape or Clothing?

This Dolce&Gabbana campaign from 2008 looks more like a shot promoting a gang rape rather than the clothing worn by the female model and scantily clad male onlookers.  While this ad is supposed to convince readers to wear D&G's clothes, all it tells me is that in order to get a male's attention, I must parade around in a bathing suit and heels, lube up my legs, and lose 30 pounds.  In so many of today's print Ads, the visual media depicts men looking directly at women's bodies.  Not only is this ad a bad representation of female standards of beauty but it is even worse in promoting sexual violence against females.

No wonder women feel objectified!

1 comment:

  1. This add is also wreaking with heteronomitivity. It is problematic to assume that all men are straight sexual predators.

    Male body image also seems to be a huge focus of the D&G campaign as the men in this advertisement are wearing less clothes than the one woman, and are also just as skinny.

    I remember reading somewhere that male eating disorders were on the rise in adolescent boys, and images like this do not help.