Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Critical Website

Today I checked out 'The Skinny Website,', a website dedicated to updating people on the weight loss and weight gain of celebrities.  With categories titled 'weight loss,' 'weight gain,' and 'scary skinny,' viewers are able to view images of female celebrities, are updated on their current weight, and have the choice to comment on their skinnier or heavier figures! Are we crazy! How can monitoring female celebrity's weight benefit the average viewer of these images, many of who weigh 30 pounds heavier!

This is one of the ways that newfound communication through technology has taken a turn for the worse, not only can girls and women view an overabundance of images of thin women but can circulate their opinions regarding these images!  Where are the men on this website? I guess no one cares whether or not George Clooney packs on a few pancakes...

In the words of 'The Skinny Website,' what do you all think?

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  1. The Skinny Website sounds like such a horrible idea. Talk about being obsessive over body image. Now we're judging others and tracking them online where all the world can see it?

  2. I agree with Lily. The Skinny Website only fuels an obsessiveness that will surely reach unhealthy levels for many young girls. Perez Hilton is one thing, but this is on an entirely different level of celebrity fixation.