Friday, April 8, 2011


While browsing MTV today, I came across a story about celebrity Cheryl Cole, upset by that fact that someone had featured her on a "Thinspiration" website.  After looking deeper into these websites, I came across one.  With the mission statement, "One moment of gratification is not worth a lifetime of being overweight," I quickly realized this site was created to give girls and women inspiration to fast or very strictly diet.  One of the "Thinspiration" sites had over 5,000 followers!  In correlation to many pro-ana or pro-mia sites, this site is another example of how niche communication has become problematic in the sharing of information.  Full of hundreds of pictures of underweight celebrities, normal girls, and models "Thinspiration" urges already stick thin girls to stay on their already unhealthy trajectories...

I cant tell which is worse for U.S society, this or

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